Satisfying Our Clients Since 2008

Here at Utah Asphalt Services, we believe that innovative solutions can definitely go a long way. In the asphalt repair industry, innovation can push things forward and improve the way companies work with clients. With this mindset, we were able to earn the respect of many clients from Utah and other nearby areas.

Utah Asphalt Services started out as ICD SEAL Co. LLC and eventually moved on to new ownership. This change rapidly improved our capabilities of accomplishing asphalt services for clients. We operated with a firm knowledge of the trade and were able to restore pavements worth millions of square feet. By this fact alone, we can definitely say that we are the real authority when it comes to asphalt services.

We specialize in doing various asphalt services for homeowners and commercial property owners. We do residential & commercial paving, crack seal solutions, asphalt patching work, seal coat resurfacing, asphalt striping, and Gilsonite seal application. For every project, we only utilize the best formulas and chemicals in the market. Everyone in our company is also well-trained in asphalt service projects, as well as client coordination and general service consultation.

If your budget for asphalt repair is somehow limited, we can still give you practical solutions. We are dedicated to helping our clients get the real advantages of our service without getting compromised by rates and fees.

You shouldn't hesitate to get the best asphalt services for your home or establishment. Contact Utah Asphalt Services today for your consultation!